Many countries around the world experience energy infrastructure problems as ageing grid infrastructure fails and renewables generation comes online.

20%-30% spinning reserves are expensive and complex to scale in old, aging energy transmission grids.
Unserved power needs are significantly hurting commercial and industrial production.

Provide an integrated system of power grid, renewables, storage, and control system for reliable energy, low operational cost and effective scaling

Virtual Energy Storage to scale and solve frequency and voltage regulation and other modes for strong cost economics

Use energy storage to “save” unused energy generation to support spinning reserves, peak shedding, load balancing for significant opex and capex reductions

Long duration energy storage, with intelligent controls, eliminates spinning reserves in transmission grids

Eliminate unserved power issues to stimulate commercial and industrial growth

Integrate “energy islands” with main grid

Provide grid stability to foster FDI and local investment.

MFI can put countries at the leading edge of an integrated grid solution that combines economical, long-duration energy storage solutions with “smart grid” control systems and software.